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We are two people who love traveling and photo cameras and who decided to combine these two into a blog. 

Somehow, what we are doing in our daily lives reflects the topic of the blog as one of us is an airline pilot

( Andrada ) and the other is a content director/ director ( Ion ) and this helps us even further to give a better shape to our blog idea.

The purpose of the blog itself is to be a virtual album for us to keep all our memories and, at the same time, to serve as an useful information and inspirational travel platform for people who may want to visit the same places as we did. Additionally, we will post some reviews of the equipment we`re using, in an attempt to help other people in deciding which cameras to use.


Well, because, first of all, in order to reach nice destinations, one will need to take one or more flights. Secondly, because Andrada will always be in between her flights and our flights whenever traveling. So, made sense. At least for us. ☺

How do we travel?

We try to travel in our spare time as much as possible. We try to take as much time off as possible but sometimes even few days will do.

We organize everything by ourselves using different king of platforms ( such as Skyscanner, Booking, Air Bnb, Agoda etc ), individual websites and even staff travel ( but not so much anymore ). We try to book the plane tickets directly from the airline, whenever possible, as we think it is much safer than through third parties. Usually, we book everything not more than a month or two in advance.

Bear in mind that the opinions found on our blog are entirely based on our experience and are for information purposes only. Each and every one is responsible for his or her decisions.

That being said, feel free to be inspired by our content and please let us know if there is anything that we could do better!


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