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Updated: Nov 17, 2022

When the location itself matters more than the destination

They say the journey matters more than the destination. It does, most of the times. But there are the other times when the location matters more than the destination. And ATRA is one of those times.

This year was pretty awkward in terms of travelling. And I am pretty sure we are speaking for everybody, when we say that. Although we used to travel and bike around our country quite a lot even before, in 2020, this was our only option. ( Still thinking if we should write an article about Romania ☺ ).

So, we tried to find new and interesting places around here.

We know about the ATRA concept for a few years now. We experienced their cuisine few times but we never got the chance to stay. Until this year.

But it was worth waiting, because we experienced it at the peak of its beauty: in autumn season.

Now, we are the type of people who do stuff. We travel, we bike, we hike, we take photos. We do all sorts of things.

But, there are some days when it`s nice to just chill.

It`s nice to just have a design-ish room with an amazing view. To have a nice glass of wine. Or a coffee. And a good book. Or maybe just good company.

To go for kayaking. Only if you`re up to it. Or just do nothing.

And in the evening maybe get nicely dressed. And go for some fine dining. And wine tasting. And not worrying about getting back home after having some drinks. Because the room is just around the corner. Literally. ☺

And all these only about 2 hours driving from Bucharest.

However, if you really want some outdoor activities, you can find your way around as the scenery is really amazing. And having bikes, like us, brings up plenty of options. Or maybe do activities like you would at home, but in a natural background, such as yoga, Pilates, jogging, training, etc. There are plenty of apps and online courses. ☺

Or, with all this crazy virus and work from home trend, why not even work from ATRA ?

ATRA is not for everybody, though. It is for people who want, maybe, an experience just like abroad, but close to home. People who like the fusion between architecture and nature and who love them both. People who like the farm to table concept. People who have a passion for food and not just eating.

But words are nothing without pictures. So, until you get to experience it, feel free to have a look at the little photo gallery that we did.

ATRA can be booked via their website or

P.S: the photos were taken with our Sony A7III body and Tamron 28-75 mm lens.

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